Legend has it that it was the ancient Mexican gods who provided man
with the magical agave plant to bring them happiness.

Metoro represents the spirit of México, its legends, its people and its tradition.

We found the Spirit of the Gods in the rural Oaxacan Village of San Juan Guelavia. Metoro Mezcal is handcrafted by the “Maestro Mezcalero” Roberto Juárez, alongside his family and members of his community, who have worked tirelessly to preserve the ancestral traditions of agave spirits.

Metoro is fermented naturally to create the purest aromas of the agave and crafted in small batches to produce the most perfect spirit: The Spirit of Mexico and the community behind it.

Our goal is to be a socially responsible brand that ensures that producers in Mexico benefit from every bottle of Metoro, that is why we work directly with  rural communities in Mexico.


Faces behind Metoro

Roberto Juárez

Maestro mezcalero

Our “Maestro Mezcalero” has inherited his knowledge of mezcal making from generation to generation.

Maestro Roberto Juárez is the pioneer in San Juan Guelavia in the elaboration of Mezcal by using an artisanal technique that comes from years of Oaxacan tradition.

The Maestro is currently transmitting his legacy to his nephews, sharing his knowledge to continue the family tradition of the art of making the finest agave spirits.

Gerardo Lopez


Gerardo is a proud Mexican who now calls Melbourne, Australia home.

He loves nothing more than sharing the taste and the traditions of México. And there is no better tradition in México than a good party with tacos, mezcal and good mates.

Gerardo is a co-founder of La Tortilleria – makers of Australia’s most authentic corn tortillas and some of the best tacos going around. It was through his beloved Tortilleria, that Gerardo met Steve.. and well the rest is just a big fiesta!

Here in Australia, you may also know him as tacoguy. A social channel created to spread his love for all things México.

Steve Kingi


Kingi is the founder of multiple venues in Melbourne, Sonder Bar, Hawker bar, Typhoon Vietnamese, Hot Lips Hacienda, Ontop bar, Lair, Mozambique and the newest Jaga Jaga… There’s not too much that Kingi hasn’t applied his trade too when it comes to all the great things Melbourne has to offer.

A well travelled family man who loves his Western Bulldogs and Live music, kingi is passionate about supporting the community in San Dionisio and connecting melbournians with the great spirit of Mezcal.

Kevin Russo


Kevin is a dual citizen of Australia and the USA, and has lived in Melbourne since 2009 with his loving family. He has traveled all over the world, always interested in culture, food, and drinks.

Kevin is a successful technologist, paying his way through College in the US as a Bartender.  He has always had a passion for investing and introducing new and innovative products to market, ensuring behind every new venture there is a story to connect with.

Introduced to Mezcal by Gerardo, he was all-in from the beginning.  The connection to community, family and sustainability made Metoro the perfect match for him.

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